Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nice Pick Up!

For ages now I've been on the hunt for a little narrow  table at a good height to use in my little cabin for one of the sewing machines to sit on, and I've been thinking about the fact of wanting to get a bike again (mine was sold when we moved from Boorhaman to Townsville in 2008), but not
wanting to spend a lot etc etc...... you know how it goes.... Well,  Hubbie and I went to a farm clearance sale on the weekend....... so much stuff and yet we came away with not a thing, but then had to go to town to pick up a couple of items and we saw a sign for a garage sale.........  well we decided we may as well go and have a look, even more so when I saw the little table sitting out the front... After purchasing the little table for $15 and the stool for $2 I caught sight of the bike and picked it up for just $3!!  It did have 2 flat tyres which Hubbie soon pumped up and it seems the rest works fine, although I've only managed to ride around the yard since before I can hit the road I need to get a helmet so I don't get fined.
As you might imagine I was pretty keen to start reorganising the little cabin to accommodate it's new pieces..........  I think it fits just perfect!!
 I'm afraid you also get to see the busy table and projects and candle melts sitting on the sofa waiting to be finished off....... but then it wouldn't be my cabin if it didn't have projects sitting around at various stages of completion lol   Hoping to get out there for a good day of sewing come the end of the week!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Morning!

morning everyone, just thought I'd pop in and say hello, maybe show you the purple poppies from my garden.  About to head off to work shortly, so pray you all have a blessed day 
Hugs Sharm

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Winter is Over

At long last Winter seems to be over!  We've gone almost 2 weeks now without the fire, although we have had a few very cool mornings and evenings........ still, I'm always pleased to wave it
Pattern name is: Ashore by Laura Aylor
goodbye and ready for the warmer sunny days without the icy winds blasting through.

This winter I've been quite industrious getting the hitchhiker scarf completed (my first bit of knitting in 23yrs!!), a jumper finished for Pete (and then starting on a hooded jumper for myself!  This is the first time I've ever knitted anything other than a scarf for myself!  Let me tell you that it has been quite the learning curve, but also a lot of fun  since it was a Knit Along that was being run by the designer herself.... Laura Aylor  (this link will take you to her blog).  Laura ran the KAL on her Ravelry Group, and let me tell you that  there was plenty of encouragement and help along the way, both from Laura and other participants.  I even managed to finish it in time and had my name drawn out as one of the winners for a prize of 3 beautiful looking yarns that will be heading my way soon!  Laura has some amazing designs and the best part about this jumper was that it was all worked in one piece so to speak...... no seams to sew at the end of it which has been great!

I'm keen to knit a few more items for myself ...... however I have quite the list of sewing that needs some attention also.  My little cabin is calling me out to the sewing machine....... but of course it also holds all my yarn supplies and has the most comfy sofa for sitting on and looking through
patterns lol........... And of course it's the time here to get the vegie garden planted up....... which is what I've been doing this weekend.  I managed to get it all weeded out and then planted with lots of various seedlings which hopefully will give us a nice crop.  The fruit trees all seem to be doing well setting fruit - apricots, white nectarines, plum, peaches.  I'm hoping the berry canes all do well too........ if not then I may end up pulling them out.  This will be their 2nd year so I hope to see something decent from them.  Unfortunately all the strawberries except 4 of them disappeared over winter with not a trace of them to be seen.

Well now, since its been such a while since I've posted and I've had so much trouble trying to download my photos (still can't get the ones from my iphone ..hmmm) I best finish here.
Hope your weekend has been a good one
hugs Sharm

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Bit of This and That

As normal  things are keeping me busy, lol, when are they not...... Winter time is always a good time for sitting with yarny stuff....... I came across this Knit along on Rav and decided I wanted to give it a go... I'm using the above yarn which were all sitting in my stash...... talk about a learning curve, however it's the designer that is running the KAL and I have to say Laura has been very helpful and supportive!  It's still going and available to jump in on if you feel inclined.  The yarns I've decided to use for it  are just ordinary acrylic to take away any stress of mucking up expensive yarn lol
I've managed to get the stripey jumper finished for Pete, although I may end up adding a little more length to the bottom....   And I'm about to begin making a little Hobbit House Tea Cozy for a bit of fun........ look at these pretty yarns I picked up for the purpose

Of course winter time always has the "not so much fun" task of collecting, splitting and stacking of wood for the fire!  Hopefully DH considers this sufficient for the time being lol

 And I'm very pleased to say that the passionfruit vine has not only produced, but the fruit has been ripening over the past couple of weeks and the insides are just full of yummy goodness!  Perhaps I'll get around to making some passionfruit butter before we eat them all??

Poor little Scruffy has had a bad time with some allergy that set him off so badly it actually managed to break down the ear drums causing a perforation to one of them........ lots of special medicated baths, an injection of antibiotics, dose of prednisolone and ongoing treatment and the ear is better, the skin improved, but we need to keep it up for at least the next couple of months to get it beat!!
The highlight this month has been some dear friends of ours popping in on a visit on their way up the coast to visit others.  We popped in on them back in Feb when we headed to Tassie for a few days.
Well, its time for me to head into town...... so I'll catch you all later........ here are some of the Canola Fields we pass along the way...... they look good, even if the smell is not so nice lol


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Christmas in July and FNwF

I joined in with the fun Christmas in July swap hosted by Cheryll,  although the big opening was
on 25th July, here in the country we are used to late arrivals lol ....... so when I got home last night my package had arrived ......all the way from the top end of Australia, from Larrissa , and since it was after the 25th, I didn't have to wait to open it...... Inside 3 wrapped gifts and a packet of yummy chocolates that needed sampling  while I took my before pic......

The first one I opened had these 2 lovely thick revers able hot pads. I love homemade hot pads so they were a winner right away...... 

Then I opened the 2nd gift to find this beautiful table topper.  It is to die for!! I really love it and would like to just have it sitting on my table right now, but it's going to be kept for the month of December each year.   I've been wanting a Christmas table mat for a while, so this is just perfect!!!

But then I opened the 3rd gift and fell in love with this wonderful little bag.  It includes so much of what I love....Hexies, hand embroidery, country Christmas colours, sturdy, a zippered pocket inside and just a perfect size and a little snap closer.  

 Thankyou so very much Larissa for such lovely! and perfect gifts!!

And now I can share what I sent to Lynda:
One of my kitchen aprons...... this one in Christmas prints,  

A little mouse pincushion, and some of my homemade candle melts made with beeswax and essential oils.  I also popped in some drinks and there was a packet of chockies that also went into the parcel before it left

And now seeing as I couldn't post about this till it all arrived, it's coincided with FNwF, so I'm linking in with them in this post......... last night I was pretty exhausted but I did manage a little bit more work on both Petes Stripey Jumper........ I hope to get it completed over the weekend......hmmmm guess we shall see.....
and I also managed a couple more rows on the crocheted afghan I have just started.  Remember I told you about the yarns I bought at Bendigo to make up a blanket for our bed???  Well, here it is started....... I'm expecting it will probably be a year long project as once summer hits it will be too hot to work on...... not to mention all the other things I tend to be doing all at the same time!! Its actually a few more rows longer than when I took this photo a couple of days ago, but you can at least see the colours beginning to work together in it..   Well I'm off to begin my Saturday here with numerous things that need doing today...... I have quite a list which thankfully includes picking up my diesel 4WD that got contaminated diesel fuel on my way back from Bendigo......... its been in with Mitsubishi since then having fuel tanks removed and injectors checked for damage......... Praise God, they are not damaged!!
Talk soon,

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bendigo Tales

  I had a fabulous long weekend with a great bunch of girls from one of the Ravelry groups!  I left on Thursday morning taking my time heading over to where we were going to be staying and making sure I made a stop over at the Bendigo Woollen Mills!  I've been wanting to make a nice big afghan/blanket for our queen sized bed and had planned on getting the 200gr balls of yarn from here........... I ended up with these colours,
3 of each one

and looking to crochet the Chunky Comfort Afghan by Lion Brand.  It's a free download available on line.

This being my first time to the Bendigo Wool Mills I was pretty excited to see the huge area with all the lovely yarns....... and then there is the "back room" with specials......... hmmmm, what can I say except there were some that just couldn't resist jumping into my overflowing basket to come home with me.............

There may have been others that tagged along, but they are staying out of site for now....sshhh
Onwards to Carisbrook, to the big farmhouse, Lochinver,  where the 12 of us were staying!  It fit us in nicely (3 bathrooms helps plus a couple of small cottages right beside the big house for overflow rooms lol). 

The reason for the gathering, which has become an annual event now (since last year apparently), was to visit the Bendigo Wool Show with all its woolly goodies and likeminded people with an appreciation for yarns and handmade items.  I was not disappointed!!  I managed to make a lot of purchases, picking up all the items that I had written on my list, plus a few lovelies that were not on the list lol.

Learning how to use my new Swift and Ball Winder...Ta Dah!

I hadn't actually met any of these ladies in person before, but I couldn't have asked or planned for a better time!  We all brought food to share and everyone shared meal prep, cleaning up, stoking of fires and car trips. 
Angora Rabbit Yarn purchased at Bendi
In the Vintage Button Shop at Castlemain
Merino and Mulberry Silk...... purchased from Castlemaine on our Saturday outing.

A fantastic time that I plan to be popping in my calendar for next year!!
I now have so many projects lined up waiting to be made its going to be interesting to see which ones make it to the hook or needles first!! ......... and yes, I did also get quite a nice bit of my knitting done........ almost the entire front of dh's stripey jumper!!  He was pretty happy when he saw that................. now to get the sleeves done.

Have a fabulous day
Hugs Sharm

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Christmas in July Update

This parcel of goodies in on it's way....can't tell you to where, or who, or what....cause it's a secret.....ssshhhhhh........I had meant to post it off on Thursday when I was heading to Bendigo for my girls weekend away at the wool show ( that post will be coming shortly..), however I managed to leave it sitting carefully on the table in the little cabin........hopefully Aussie Post works well to get it there for Friday.