Monday, February 9, 2015


About an hour ago I put all the names together for the giveaway ......... doing things the old fashioned way  each follower who commented on the any of the 3 posts had numbers put beside their names and then the numbers were written on scraps of paper  and popped into a little jug - Scruffy was overseeing the process
My eldest son who is still living with us at present was asked to draw out the 3 winning numbers - no photo allowed - he thinks blogging is weird (but online games played with others from all over the world are ok......... we shall say no more lol) ........... except

 CONGRATULATIONS   to the 3 winners ........
Terry  from Terry's Life

Christine from MacDonalds Patch

African Aussie  from africanaussie blog

Each of you win some of my homemade natural soap and candlemelts  - I will be sending an email to the 3 of you shortly in order to get your snail mail addresses to post out your parcels which I hope you will enjoy using.  The candle melts are placed into the top of an oil burner (like you would normally put scented oils in) with a little tea candle under to melt it.  You will find once it cools it will harden back up due to the beeswax (handy for keeping dust out) and you can use it over and over without it getting dusty and gritty like what happens with oils.

Yesterday Pete and I went into the Swap Meet held in Wangaratta........ since I'm trying to declutter I was keen not to purchase anything, but what could a girl do when her hubby buys a couple of little items for her..........  we have a small collection of blue glass bottles in the bathroom and he found this pair of blue vases for $1 each ....... and then found this darling little blue lantern which I've popped some essential oils in to help keep the bathroom nicely scented! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Last Chance and FNSI

Yep,  this is your last chance if you are a follower and if you haven't left a comment in the past 2 posts to take part in my giveaway to celebrate my 5th Blog Anniversary !!  It's quite a milestone and to think I have over 100 followers is simply amazing, so it's only fair that I share the love. Tomorrow (Monday - Australian time), I'll be drawing out the 3 winners.

And speaking of winners, I had a lovely surprise when a package arrived in the mail not so long ago - I was a winner with the December OPAM and received this lovely little kit from Kris of Tagalong Teddies

After a year of knitting I was hoping by the end of this year I might have skills enough to be able to volunteer to do a test knit for a designer, so I was super excited (and nervous) when Laura Aylor mentioned she had a test knit open for an easier knit - and even more of both when I was accepted as one of her testers ...... so I've been busily trying to work on it to have it completed by the 16th Feb ! Eeeek, not too many days away!!!   So  with FNSI this is what was keeping me busy all night!!

 I do have to add that I'm really enjoying this knit and love the way it's shaping up - knit from the neck down in one piece - so no sewing bits together after you finish knitting which I find a massive plus!!   Laura has some fabulous knitted patterns - you can find her on Ravelry where she has a group and holds knit alongs to assist with anyone knitting up her patterns.  If you are not familiar with Ravelry, you can click on her name it will take you to her blog.

I actually have 2 other knits going at present which are both Laura's patterns - currently on hold while I get the test knit completed - I'm happy with the way the this sleeveless dress is beginning to shape up considering I'm using yarns I have in my stash!

"City in Winter" - a sleeveless dress by Laura Aylor Designs
Back to knitting for a bit before I head to bed - I'll be back tomorrow to draw the winner - Good Luck everyone!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wanderings and Blogannivsary Giveaway

Tomorrow I celebrate the 5th anniversary of Country Fragrance!  We were living in Townsville when I first decided to start my blog, and back then it was with the intention of being able to share with family and friends as we made the big move back to Victoria, to a little country spot in the North East of the state.    Over the 5 yrs I've shared how we have transformed this little cottage, family moments, crafts of various types, gardening and cooking.  
I really want to thank those of you who stop by to visit with me here, and especially to those of you who stop in and leave a comment, it's always nice to know I have company,  and I've enjoyed getting to know others from somewhat near to those on the other side of the globe ! 
 So I thought you might appreciate a little giveaway -  it is open to anyone who is a follower, as I feel it is my followers I need to thank .....all you need do is leave a comment on any of my posts from yesterday, up till Sunday night (Aussie time).  On Monday I will draw out  3 winners ............who will receive one of my handmade natural soaps (olive oil, essential oils, herbs) and a couple of my handmade candle melts (beeswax and essential oils) - Oh and you best mention if you have a favourite smell, I can't guarantee you will get it, but you never know your luck .....
Varieties here- Choc mint, Vanilla and Coffee Bean, Orange Cinnamon

Beeswax Candle Melts - essential oils include lavender, orange, lemon, rose, patchouli

For something new this year, I've decided that Wednesdays will be the day I share something to do with wanderings .....hence it shall become Wednesday Wanderings  .......... This week I'm sharing a few photos from a little town also in the North East of Vic, about 90kms from me....... Beechworth 
Some you may be familiar with Beechworth Honey, so I've taken a photo of inside the shop for you......

My January OPAM finishes were small due to the dental work, but I did get a dishcloth crocheted and a made a little knitted cowl which should come in handy in winter

Gotta run, talk soon I hope,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Teething Problems

I'd much rather start my post with something pleasant, so I'd love to let you all know I'm having my 5th blog anniversary later this week.  I plan to get a couple of little giveaways together.  I really appreciate it so much when you spend the time to come and visit with me, and even more so when you leave a comment.    I've also seen my followers have managed to make it over the 100 in time for it also, a double celebration!!!!!   So the giveaway will be open to all those who follow my blog ........ You'll just need to leave a comment  on a post from now up till the weekend .......but I'll let you know more about it in a couple days time .....

I seem to have missed quite a bit in blog land over the past couple of weeks see, 
Over January I've had to undergo some major dental work, which has involved having to go through 3 visits to the dentist to sit in the chair and have all my top teeth removed ( with the last 6 coming out last week). Some people are lucky enough to have the procedure done in hospital ........guess I missed out on that.........  I feel like all I've done in January is have a mouth full of pain ........ Now it's just a matter of getting used to having this top plate ( which is proving a little more difficult than I had imagined).  If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them please!!!  One thing, I've managed to loose some weight not being able to eat much lol

Hugs sharm

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grow Your Blog 2015

If you cast your eyes over to the sidebar you will see a lovely little picture with a link that will take you over to Vicki from 2 Bags Full who is hosting this wonderful blog hop. I took part in it last year and it had lots and lots of various types of blogs to be able to go and have a look at.  The links should be up fairly soon, just keep in mind many of us are on different time zones so if you don't see it the first time, call back a bit later.

So for those who might be visiting here for the first time, this post is a bit about me .... So grab yourself a cuppa, find a nice comfy spot and come visit with me for a bit......  The front verandah is a favourite spot of mine ....  

This is Scruffy, my helper and family caretaker lol.    You'll probably see him around from time to time as he usually isn't too far from me when I'm at home!   He often sneeks into the photos ... like the one beside here.... see him near the door!

Firstly, I live in Australia, down in the north east section of Victoria these days - in a small country township (well, we have a pub, a cafĂ© and a shop - and the Murray River which makes it popular for campers over summer).  We/ I have moved an awful lot over the years, actually since I first arrived as a baby - perhaps I have gypsy blood, since I don't seem to mind moving, I actually find it exciting, like a new adventure about to unfold........  We have a small house on about a 1/3 acre with shedding and gardens, fruit trees and chooks .....

I tend to blog about things going on around our little home ,my crafts, and such since I have lots of friends and family who tend to visit here to keep track of what's going on lol   Initially it started when we were moving from Townsville back to Victoria - we've been here almost 5 yrs and I can feel my feet getting that itch in them again ..........  We are hoping that DH might be able to retire in the next couple of years, so we will have to have decided on our "forever" place once that happens!  Our children are spread with son, DIL and grandies in Townsville; youngest and only daughter in Melbourne with her boyfriend/partner, and currently the eldest son back at home with us.  I also work in one of the towns (about 40 mins or so drive) 7 days a fortnight.  

Around here I tend to various activities in my spare time - gardening,  sewing,  knitting,  crochet, soap making,  preserving , reading  and walking. 

Since joining Ravelry 1 yr ago, I picked up the knitting needles again and have been busy with them ever since learning lots of new skills.  I'm hoping to be able to give our winter wardrobe some nice additions that will be wearable, comfy and last until we've had enough of them!  

Last year my wonderful DH turned the carport into a "little cabin" for me to use for my craft. I'd show you inside it, but it's a bit messy right now ...... in fact I have to admit my whole house needs a good declutter!!  If I could just have a week off from work that could be devoted to decluttering and sorting out my house, that could be very, very useful ....... hmmm, I've just had another look - perhaps a month, since decluttering involves cleaning out cupboards and shelves, not just the piles and overflowing items...........   I need more coffee!!!
And so, on that note, I think I'll finish off here ............ maybe go and sort out a few things so I can show you around next time..........
Have a great day, and hope to see you here again sometime


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Australia Day Swap

It's the Australia Day weekend here, busy as ever down at the Boat Ramp.  I took part in the Australia Day Swap put on again by Jewell's

This year I managed to be a bit creative with all the letters.  I sent my gifts off to Fiona and it wasn't till I had them all packaged up that I remembered I'd forgotten to take a photo of them so I've had to "borrow" the one from Fiona's blog - thanks Fiona! Incase you don't work it out, we had to use each letter from the word AUSTRALIA for each item
I also received a parcel as well, naturally...... mine came all the way from WA, from Anthea of Hibiscus Stitches  and it was filled with lots of wonderful items, just take a look.....

Australian Flag Bunting; Utensil ;Stamps Printed Cotton Drill; Tea light candles; Red Spotty Tea Towel; Afternoon Aussie Tea; Lollies;  Ice Cube Trays;  Aqua Fabric

These things will be very useful and a lot of fun, so thanks heaps Anthea!!
I've also been busy with a couple of other things ...... some major dental work which is "crashing my style" so to speak with what I'm able to achieve some days!!   So with that I've been sitting and working on a bit of that knitting ..... progress .....

So now I'm off to work on it a bit more, and perhaps see to a cook up of meals to put some things in the freezer for later in the week, when I'll be back in the dental chair and feeling very ordinary, definitely won't be feeling like cooking dinner for the family that day!!
Enjoy your Australia Day Weekend everyone

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bundles of Joy

After moving furniture hither, thither and yonder over the New Year break (and chasing a whole
lot of dust bunnies and their offspring lol), it seemed time to settle down with some knitting or sewing again.  The cabin is mighty hot right now with no fan or air con, so the sewing machine didn't get plugged in ....... instead the balls of yarn were ushered into the coolness of the air conditioned house......  Well, I've had this lovely yarn sitting for a good number of months waiting for me to make a particular pattern I had in mind at the time -  "Park Slope" by Laura Aylor.  I've taken up a Ravelry challenge to try to get it completed by the end of January.  We shall see, but at least it has me working on it!  This time last year was my introduction to using Wolmeise Yarn and the return to knitting with my hitchhiker scarf.  I'm pleased to say that at least my skills seem to have increased during the year.

With checking out my patterns and of course my "wishlist", I noticed another little number I'd like to knit, which of course led to looking at yarn, and ........ well ....... I ended up purchasing some lovely bundles of joy that I hope to knit up as the year progresses ...... in the meantime, lots of touching, and oooing and ahhing is allowed (smile)....... 
And just in case you wanted to see this one up close......... can't wait to knit it up

I've also managed to complete a mini knit - this cute little cowl with some yarn I already had in my stash.  So guess its number one for OPAM - ohhh, must check if I've signed up for it again this year yet!!
Brightside by Laura Aylor
And I'm about to get another project started pretty soon ........ a dress using some of the yarn I have in my stash .......and another one of Laura Aylor's designs.  I'm really enjoying her patterns....... guess we shall see how this next one progresses over the next couple of months lol
And this week I need to get my items wrapped up ready for the Australia Day Swap hosted by Jewell's.
And something else that I need to get onto at this time of year is getting this poor old body back in shape somewhat......... you know, waist line needs to get back to that recommended number (just think of the clothes that will fit me again when that happens )...... mostly I would like that fitness level boosted upwards instead of sitting at ground zero!! 
HAve yourselves a great week, whatever you are doing,

Hugs  Sharm