Saturday, August 29, 2015

Brisbane, Townsville, Melbourne ......

Whew!!  It's been so crazy around here since getting back from Bendigo!  I came back from there
with only a week before I had to fly up to Brisbane to help my Dad who lives way out the back of Brisbane and was having a procedure but had no supports or transport to get to and from the little town where he lives at present.  He used to live in Wynnum and really misses it, more so since his wife passed away in December one of the days before I left, we went for a drive down there and enjoyed some fish and chips on the bay!  This is Dad standing at the Wynnum pool - first time I've seen it empty in years!  It was built during the depression years by those on the dole, and fills when the tide comes in.  
 Unfortunately I came down with another bout of sickness which started with the loss of my voice the day before I flew back home!  There seems to have been a lot of things going around this year with our much colder winter!  Luckily I recovered in time to be able to fly out with hubbie to Townsville for our sons 30th Birthday Bash....... a villain fancy dress party!  We arrived Thursday night, in time to watch our eldest grandson Jarryn run in the interschool sports on Friday morning

Followed by watching his soccer match on Saturday just before the party.  Our son Jaron coaches the team, and I'm pleased to say they seemed to be a really great bunch of kids!!  Then it was time to get ready for the party........ Jaron had been growing his hair specifically to dress the part of the Joker ....... I think he did a fantastic job of it too  - Look at this!!

I used the Pirates of the Caribbean for inspiration for my costume and we had lots of fun with everyone there!  It really was a great night!  

The entire weekend was so enjoyable, especially seeing our grandies who we hadn't seen in 2 years!
Backyard Cricket - What Else with a family meet up!

A week later and Jaron headed down to Melbourne for a footy weekend -   So while the boys went to the Richmond Match on Saturday, ..........

The boys looked so good all dressed up (in order to be able to enter the Members Section ),we just had to take the opportunity for a photo..... I especially love having Flinders Street Station in the background lol

 Stace and I had a girls afternoon shopping and going to the movies, before we met up with the boys again to head  off for dinner.   

Sunday Morning I really wanted to hit the Vic Markets, and wasn't disappointed ....... I picked up this ......... Totally different, one of a kind (for now)........ which I think will end up on my writing desk (once I clear it ...... again!!)

So as you can see, between all of this and work,  there has not been much time for any knitting, crochet, sewing, soap making, blogging ....... or cleaning (those with wood fires would appreciate just how bad that means my floors and everything else is lol).  And that my friends is pretty much August in a Nut Shell!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Christmas in July

Sending out a Thankyou to Carol from Blessed Mum for the gifts she sent in the Christmas in July Swap.

This is what I sent to Kerrie from Channel Creations....... I hope she enjoys using the homemade candle melts and soap and is able to use the other items.

I'm flying out in the morning to Brisbane to tend to some family stuff up there - Pete will be staying here taking care of the home front and poor old Scruffy is struggling with arthritis during this cold weather .....poor old doggie!
Not sure if I will get a chance to blog while I'm away since the iPad does not always allow photos to be uploaded to blogger......hmmmmmmm
Sorry for the short post - trying to pack and clean house as I do this.......

So have a great week everyone just incase I can't get back here for a week or more!
Hugs sharm

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back from Bendi

Bendigo 2015 trip ........... What a great time with a bunch of like minded ladies from one of the
Ravelry groups ....... Last year was my first time going to the Bendigo Wool Show weekend and it was soooo much fun, I just had to go again this year!  
It's only about 2-3 hrs drive by car from here and since DD is in Melbourne, she decided to catch the train up to Bendigo to meet me so we could have a mother / daughter day .......

And I was able to give her the rainbow ripple to go home with ........ I think she is pretty happy with it ......

I had seen on a post that if you wore bunny ears to the ixchell stall the bunny lady would give you a nice little goodie bag filled with bunny fibre and fun items.... I mentioned this to DD and with just a nights notice she made two of us up some Bunny Ears to wear into the show.....  And this is what was in the goodie bag ...... some bunny fibre, bunny yarn, lollies , a bunny button and a 10% discount for an online purchase!! What a great thankyou!!

I visited the Bendigo Woollen mills as well since I'm going to need extra yarn for the blanket I'm in the process of figuring out for our bed .......I'll share more if that with you in another post

So here is my yarnie goodness harvest from Bendi this year!!! So many lovely yarns and lots of projects queued as well as the beginnings of some ideas brewing......... 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ripple Magic!

The Rainbow Ripple is done!  Yes, I can hardly believe it myself either, but I really, really wanted to get it finished to be able to give to my daughter before Winter here finished........ And oh boy, we sure have been having a colder Winter this year with snow falling in lots of places (unfortunately none at our house).  The pressure really started when DD said she would catch the train up from Melbourne to meet me at Bendigo........ So I've managed to meet the deadline...... Just!!!

I have to say I really, really love working with yarn!  I just find it so easy to pick up and put down - well, more so with crochet than knitting perhaps - although having said that, English paper piecing can be like that too ....... But that's more for the summer months when the hands are looking for cool cottons to work with!

It's still Winter here, so I need to keep moving on more of my knitted projects that have been put to one side while the ripple took priority ........... I'm just really, really wanting to start something new and fun......hmmmmmm Poor DH, wonder if he will get his sweater this winter! 
If you want a few more details about this ripple .....
I used 17 shades for almost 3 full repeats (2 rows for each colour / double row : ending up with 47 double rows of colours)  I cast on 213 chains for the foundation row.  This blanket is pictured on a Queen Size Bed with finished measurements  of approx. 155 cm (60in) wide x  140cm (55in) deep.  I haven't done a border until I find out if DD would like one around it.  The yarn is mostly acrylic in 8ply (DK) and I used a 4.5mm hook .

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lemons and Eggs Create.......

We are so blessed to have lemons in season during the winter months when our bodies need that extra zap and zing from citrus to help fight the colds and flu.  Our lemon trees here are only producing a couple of fruit, so I was very excited when Pete came home from work during the week with 2 bags full of juicy lemons freshly picked!   We are further blessed that a couple of our hens are still laying ...... so I have an ample supply of eggs to go with the lemons .........
Lots of yummy lemon baking is taking place .......
Lemon Butter .... so quick and simple to make and it keeps in the fridge for about a month.  I like to just make one or two jars each time, but I'll be freezing some of the lemon juice so I can use it over the next few months ......
and an interesting new recipe for a self sauce lemon pudding - initially it looked like the sauce would be too thin, but it was just scrummy, especially with a bit of ice cream to go with it.

Today I made my first Lemon Meringue Pie, I've put off making one of these for years for one reason or another .... mostly it's a time thing..... it's a bit of a process by the time you make the pie crust from scratch, then the filling which had to chill for 3 hours ....... it finally came out ready for after dinner tonight looking great - but wow, it's rich!!  It's soooo big - I think it may have to go to work with me to share around!

On the crafting front, I've posted out my packages for the Christmas in July swap, but can't really show you those pics just yet till my swap person has received their package and opened it up.......
On the last section for the Rainbow Ripple and will be able to share the finished pics before too long I hope.  I've really tried to get moving on this project so my daughter would be able to use it this winter!   The blanket I started for our bed last year has hibernated for a number of months..... I've putlled it out a few times, but I'm not really happy with it ....... so I've decided I'll be frogging it and making up my own design.  I currently have 4 colours I'm using, but I may just pull in a 5th colour to spice it up a bit .......maybe........  I'm heading to Bendigo for the big Wool festival in a few days time, so I'll be going to the Bendi Wool Mills and deciding on a 5th colour while I'm there ..... hopefully I'll have made decisions on the pattern by then!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sunday Cowl

Remember on Saturday I mentioned getting distracted whilst working on a bit of Decluttering?  Well I'd been visiting various blogs earlier and came upon a simple crochet pattern for a cowl .......The Sloppy Sunday Cowl by the lovely Heather from Pink Milk Blog.   In the midst of cleaning up piles of paperwork, it occurred to me that pattern would be just perfect for the skein of King Cole Bamboozle a friend had given me for my birthday.  This yarn ranges from bits of fibre down to strands like embroidery silks ....... so I've been hanging off, trying to find something that would only need the 1 skein and would also show off the lovely variations.
I started on it Saturday night after dinner and such and then sat down with it and my morning coffee on Sunday and had it finished in a couple of hours!  I left a couple of twists in mine as I prefer the twist when I'm wearing the cowls single.  The other week at work, one of the girls was asking the best way of getting a skein wound up into a ball, so I thought I'd share for anyone else who might be wondering how else you can do it aside from the old fashioned using the back of a chair method.  In the pics below you'll see what looks like a wooden clothes line, called a Swift,- it works the same way as a rotary clothes line and can be opened to hold whatever skein you have - pop it on so the yarn isn't so twisted over on itself ......... then pull the outer thread to the ball winder and you are ready to turn that handle. I usually pop my finger in the strand between the two to keep the tension a bit looser.  The Swift and Winder together will set you back about $100, however the time, and the sanity saved is definitely worth the investment!  Just before you take your newly wound cake of yarn off the winder, fold the label from the skein and pop it into the centre so the ball comes off the winder with the label in the centre so you have the details still with the yarn.

And over the weekend I found out I was one of the June winners from Cottage Craft Angora for some 100% Quivet which will be knit into one of their scarves!  I'll be getting the Artic Blue.  I've never even felt what quivet is like, so I'm really excited - although it will likely be another couple of weeks at least before it arrives here from Canada.  Quivet is from the Musk Ox which you can see in the pic below.  Well I have the next couple of days at work before I'll have the chance to be getting back to numerous homefront lists waiting to be tended to!  What will you be doing over the next couple of days I wonder??  Have a fantastic day,  Sharm

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Acorn or Gumnut?

I took advantage of linking in with Cheryll for the monthly FNWF and did some more work on the crocheted  rainbow blanket.  It's coming along nicely and I'm now part way through the 2nd repeat of colours.   But I also wanted to do another bit of stitching ........ Crochet Stitching ...... so I made this little pincushion ..... the  free pattern  from calls it an Acorn ....... but once I had it sewn together I kind of wondered if it didn't look a bit like a Gum Nut ....... and since we don't have any Acorn Trees, but do have  several Gum Trees on our little block, I figured it was fitting to have it photographed in one of the gum tree branches!

I've spent part of today clearing out part of the spare bedroom (which was DD's until she moved out a few months ago) ...... I'm planning to turn it into the guest room .... with room for  my letter writing desk and a bookcase so it can be used and not just sit vacant.  Our home is only small, so I need to use the spaces we have ...... but being small, it also shows up the clutter really, really well!!!  Decluttering is a  work in progress ...... no photos until I get it a bit cleaner lol ...... Unfortunately the Decluttering took me to the little cabin ........ where all the pretty yarn is .........
It doesn't take much to get me sidetracked .............. and I think I've found just the pattern for  this .........